A look at Taylor Swift’s first purchase after signing her record deal

Taylor Swift made her first significant purchase since regaining control of her master recordings, drawing inspiration from an iconic film character.

The two-part documentary, “Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun: Bad Blood,” premiered on Friday. The first episode highlights Taylor’s perspective on their feud, while the second episode presents Scooter’s side.

The documentary chronicles Swift’s journey from her teenage years, when she signed with Big Machine in the early 2000s, surrendering ownership of her masters as part of a standard six-album deal.

Journalist and novelist Zing Tsjeng discussed in the second episode how Taylor spent her first payment after signing with Big Machine.

“Famously, she used her first paycheck to buy a Lexus convertible as a way to snub the popular girls,” Zing explained.

Swift reportedly had a specific reason for purchasing the expensive car.

“She’s mentioned this as a defining moment in her career, saying, ‘You girls were busy not inviting me to parties while I just used my first paycheck to buy the car that Regina George drives in Mean Girls,'” Zing said.

In the movie and popular culture, Rachel McAdams’ character Regina George is seen as the quintessential “mean girl.” Zing used this incident to illustrate how Taylor remembers slights against her, such as Scooter acquiring her master recordings.

“This incident really shows what she was about from a very young age. She’s incredibly hardworking and talented, but she also keeps score, holds grudges, and likes to outdo others,” Zing said.

Taylor commented in the series, stating: “Taylor has completely moved on from this saga and has turned what started out as an extreme situation into one of the most fulfilling creative endeavors of her life. None of these men will ever be able to take away from Taylor’s legacy as a songwriter, singer, director, philanthropist, and advocate for artists’ rights.”

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