Aisha Khan spends time with her husband at home

Pictures of Aisha Khan, the former actress of Pakistani dramas and films, spending time at home with her husband and children, are spreading rapidly on social media.

There was a time when Aisha Khan alone ruled the Pakistani drama and film industry, and every director and producer looked up to her because whatever drama or film she was cast in would be a success before it even aired.

Despite being 47 years old, Aisha Khan is still very popular among young girls due to her beautiful personality. That is why her fans ask Aisha about the secret of her beauty and agelessness.

Many people are also unaware that Aisha Khan started her married life by marrying Major Uqbah Malik in the year 2018, and after marriage, she has become a mother of two children.

Aisha Khan bid goodbye to the showbiz industry after her marriage to Major Uqbah Malik. For the last five or six years, she has preferred to spend time only with her children, her husband, and her in-laws. That’s why she has been absent from showbiz activities.

Aisha may have shunned the showbiz industry because of her husband, as he holds an important position in the Pakistan Army and may prefer not to see his wife working on TV. That’s why Aisha has aligned her choices with her husband’s preferences.

After leaving the showbiz industry, Aisha Khan proudly lives at home, where she does household chores, helps her husband with tasks, and looks after her children. This is her daily routine, as she enjoys being a housewife.

Do you guys also think that Aisha Khan’s beauty has faded, and she is starting to look like an aunt after marriage? Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks!

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