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Apple Integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT into Siri and Devices

Apple has unveiled plans to enhance its Siri voice assistant and operating systems with OpenAI's ChatGPT as part of a broader AI overhaul.

The announcement was made at Apple’s annual developers show, where the company also introduced several new features.

The integration of ChatGPT into Apple’s ecosystem is part of a new personalized AI system called “Apple Intelligence.” This system aims to make navigating Apple devices easier for users. Updates to iPhone and Mac operating systems will enable access to ChatGPT through a partnership with OpenAI. The technology will also be used to enhance other tools, such as text and content generation, with a test version set to be available in the autumn.

Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed excitement about the move, stating that it would take Apple’s products “to new heights.” However, the market reacted coolly to the news, with Apple’s share price falling by 1.91% on the day of the announcement.

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and X (formerly Twitter), criticized the partnership, threatening to ban iPhones from his companies over “data security” concerns. Apple has not responded to Musk’s allegations. Additionally, smartphone maker Samsung mocked Apple’s announcement, stating that adding “Apple” to the technology does not make it new or groundbreaking.

Apple’s new personal AI system, “Apple Intelligence,” will be integrated into every app and product, offering features such as writing assistance and navigation aids. The system will work in conjunction with Siri, which has been updated with a new interface and improved functionality.

Ben Wood, chief analyst at CCS Insight, noted that while Apple’s new AI system may reassure investors, integrating ChatGPT could present challenges for the company. He suggested that Apple may be acknowledging limitations in Siri’s capabilities, as ChatGPT will take over when Siri is unable to assist users effectively.

Apple emphasized the security of Apple Intelligence, stating that some processing will be done on the device itself, while more intensive tasks will be handled in the cloud without storing any data there. This approach aligns with Apple’s commitment to user privacy.

The integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT into Apple’s ecosystem represents a departure from Apple’s usual strategy of closely guarding its products. The move suggests that even Apple recognizes the current power of OpenAI’s technology. Apple has not named any other products for future integration but has indicated that it may integrate additional products in the future.

Other announcements made by Apple at the developers show include the launch of the Vision Pro mixed reality headset in the UK and new features such as text messaging via satellite, scheduling messages, and using head gestures to control AirPods Pro.

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