Christian Bale melts hearts with the launch of foster care community project

Christian Bale hopes that this project will be completed in 2025

Christian Bale has recently come up with a foster care project in Los Angeles County which is intended to keep siblings in foster home together.

On Wednesday, The Dark Knight star revealed that he’d been pursuing this “project” for the last 16 years in the city of Palmdale, which is located 80 kilometres north and across the San Gabriel Mountains from Los Angeles.

Bale shared that he began thinking about his dream project since the early 1990s as he thought to build the community after hearing about the huge number of foster children in LA County.

The actor mentioned that his personal responsibility grew when he and wife Sibi welcomed a daughter, Emmeline, in 2005 and they started the project around 2008.

“I didn’t think it was going to take that long. I had a very naive idea about kind of getting a piece of land and then, bringing kids in and the brothers and sisters living together and sort of singing songs like the Von Trapp family in ‘The Sound of Music’,” explained Bale via CBS News.

However, the actor pointed out that the 12 homes, anchored by the community centre, is expected to be completed in April 2025.

“It’s something that is incredibly satisfying for me, and I want to be involved every step of the way,” stated the 50-year-old.

Bale remarked, “Maybe this is the first one, and maybe this is the only one, and that would be great. But I’m quietly hoping that there’ll be many of these.”

“We are going to be able to come and touch the homes and the buildings and actually see the difference that we’re able to make in children’s lives. That is just priceless,” added the actor.

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