Government Implements Substantial Electricity Tariff Reduction for Industrial Sector

In a significant move aimed at boosting the country's industrial sector, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has announced a substantial reduction in electricity tariffs.

Under the new pricing structure, the industrial sector will benefit from a reduction of Rs. 10.69 per unit, setting the price of electricity for industries and the export sector at Rs. 34.99 per unit.

This reduction in electricity prices is part of the Prime Minister’s comprehensive power package, designed to enhance the competitiveness of the country’s industries in the global market. The package is expected to alleviate the burden on industries by more than Rs. 200 billion, providing a much-needed stimulus for economic growth.

By lowering the cost of production for industrial and agricultural products, the package aims to enhance the competitiveness of Pakistani goods in international markets. This move is expected to lead to a significant increase in exports, further strengthening the country’s economy.

The announcement of this electricity tariff reduction marks a significant step towards creating a more conducive environment for industrial growth in Pakistan.

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