Government Launches Nationwide Crackdown on Illegal Petrol Pumps

The federal government has announced a decisive crackdown on over 3,000 illegal petrol pumps operating across Pakistan. This initiative will see the Department of Explosives and the Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA) working together to eliminate the widespread issue of unregulated “dabba” petrol stations and unauthorized nozzles.

A meeting was held between the Director General of Explosives, Abdul Ali Khan, and representatives of the PPDA, where the hazards posed by these illegal fuel shops were discussed. The PPDA representatives highlighted the dangers of these stations, which often have large tanks buried under shops in residential and commercial areas. The PPDA’s 25-member Reforms Committee informed DG Khan about the frequent fires and fatalities caused by these illegal stations, which sell smuggled fuel without safety measures.

The PPDA further reported that the proliferation of these illegal fuel points has severely impacted their legal businesses. They revealed that nearly 14 million liters of fuel are smuggled into Pakistan daily, costing the country billions of rupees.

DG Explosives Abdul Ali Khan expressed deep concern over the situation and emphasized his commitment to eradicating illegal fuel stations nationwide. He outlined a plan where district presidents of the PPDA would identify and list all illegal fuel points, including operators’ names and contact information, and the estimated fuel quantities held.

Khan stated that local authorities, including Deputy Commissioners, Additional Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners, District Police Officers, DSPs, and SHOs, would be empowered to take action against these illegal operations. To ensure accountability, the DG requested the PPDA to oversee the performance of these departments and provide weekly feedback through their focal person, Hassan Shah. A monthly meeting will be held to review the progress of the crackdown.

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