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Govt is Setting Up Computer Emergency Response Teams to Protect Pakistan’s Cyberspace

The government has decided to establish National Computer Emergency Response Teams (NCERT) to monitor and safeguard Pakistan’s cyberspace 24/7.

In this regard, the Federal Cabinet will take up the summary of the Ministry of Information and Technology for the constitution of NCERT u/s of the prevention of Electronic Crimes 2016 and CERT rules 2023 on Friday.


The government of Pakistan had approved CERT rules in 2023 which provide a legislative umbrella to handle ever-emerging cyber-security risks and vulnerabilities at the national, sectoral, and organizational levels by laying out a working mechanism in the form of technical support, operational facilities, and capacity-building services.

As per the approved CERT rules, the National Security Operations Centre will also be established to facilitate the practical implementation of these regulations.

The council will consist of members from various government bodies, including the secretary of IT as the chairman, along with representatives from the Ministry of Defence, Foreign Affairs, Interior, and Cabinet Division. Furthermore, the council will include members from the National Security Division, the telecom sector, industry, academia, and civil society.

Recently, caretaker IT Minister Dr. Umar Saif informed that the CERT initiative aimed at enhancing Pakistan’s cyber security measures, preventing potential cyber threats to the country’s data, and ensuring swift responses in case of cyber-attacks.

Pakistan under these rules will establish both National and Sectoral-level Computer Emergency Response Teams and the teams are tasked with the responsibility of monitoring and safeguarding Pakistan’s cyberspace 24/7, including during holidays

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