Iqrar Ul Hassan Attacked In Gujranwala

Iqrar Ul Hassn is one of the most famous news anchors in Pakistan. He got famous for his expose show Sar e Aam and he has exposed a lot of mafias and criminals in the country from the food industry to politics. Iqrar Ul Hassan has been in several feuds throughout his career and he has been threatened and attacked by many people too.

Iqrar ul Hassan has recently been in a feud with Peer Haq Khateeb. He is a famous person and many people go to him for spiritual reasons. His miracle videos have been viral on social media and Iqrar ul Hassan decided to expose him and said that he has no powers and all of it is a drama. Both have since then sent challenges to each other.

Yesterday, Iqrar ul Hassan’s car was allegedly attacked in Gujranwala while he was going for a talk at a university by people allegedly sent by Haq Khateeb who broke his car’s windscreen and also threw acid at the car. Iqrar ul Hassan has shared the video of the attack as well as his statement regarding this whole scene.

Iqrar ul Hassan was previously attacked while he went after an officer and he had gotten injured. He is safe this time.

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