Islamabad Airport Customs Seize Millions in Foreign Currency

Customs officials at Islamabad Airport successfully thwarted an attempt to smuggle a substantial amount of foreign currency, valued at $46,000, to Kuwait.

Sources revealed that during the clearance process for an outbound flight from Islamabad to Muscat, Customs staff intercepted a Rawalpindi resident at the joint scanner machine. Upon inspection of the luggage, it was discovered that the passenger was carrying foreign currency equivalent to Rs. 12.8 million.

When questioned about the scanned image of his luggage, the passenger admitted to possessing the foreign currency. However, as the amount exceeded the legal limit of $5,000, he was asked to provide documentation authorizing him to carry such a large sum. The passenger failed to present any legal documents or offer a valid justification for carrying the currency.

Due to the absence of lawful documentation, the currency was initially detained for verification of any documentary evidence or authorization from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). Since the passenger could not produce the required documents, the detention was escalated to a seizure following the approval of the competent authority. The currency was confiscated under Section 168 of the Customs Act 1969, citing violations of Sections 2(s), 16, and 139 of the Customs Act 1969.

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