Mehwish Hayat Praises Her Makeup Artist with Love

Pictures of actress Mehwish Hayat expressing her love for her makeup artist are going viral on social media.

There is no doubt that Mehwish Hayat is a complete actress, model, and TV artist of Pakistan. She has been associated with this industry for many years and is busy winning people’s hearts with her skills.

Many people are seen on social media asking what the secret behind the beauty of Pakistani actress is, so let us tell you that the person posing with Mehwish Hayat is her makeup artist, and he makes these actors look beautiful.

One of the good things about Mehwish Hayat is that she likes to give time to her personal life along with her professional work, and that’s why she takes time out every month or two to go abroad.

But a surprising thing is that the more successful an actress is in Pakistan, the less she wears clothes. The proof of this is in this picture of Mehwish Hayat.

Yes, Mehwish Hayat also faces a lot of criticism on social media because she likes to wear Western clothes more than Eastern clothes. It seems that she only wears Western clothes because she might receive offers from Hollywood.


You all know that Mehwish Hayat is still unmarried. But she shows her love to her makeup artist if she is happy with his makeup. See, makeup artist Waqar Hussain and Mehwish Hayat are in love with each other.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below: do you also express your love in this way if you are very happy with someone’s work? If yes, then we are eagerly waiting to read your valuable comments. Thanks!

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