Mickey Arthur Emphasizes Need for Systematic Stability for Consistent Performance in Pakistan

Mickey Arthur believes that for Pakistan to perform consistently, the country needs systematic stability in its cricketing framework.

Mickey Arthur, the former head coach of the Pakistan cricket team, has expressed concerns over the lack of stability within the team, attributing it to broader systemic issues in Pakistan cricket. In a conversation with a journalist, Arthur stated that the team’s inconsistency is a reflection of the instability in the cricketing framework of the country.

Arthur highlighted the frequent changes in leadership within the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) as a major factor contributing to the instability. He mentioned the succession of individuals like Zaka Ashraf, Najam Sethi, and Mohsin Naqvi in the PCB, indicating a lack of consistent strategic direction.

According to Arthur, this instability not only affects the PCB but also permeates through various levels of the cricketing structure in Pakistan, including the domestic setup. He believes that such uncertainty hampers the players’ ability to perform consistently on the field.

Despite facing challenges during his tenure, including navigating political and administrative complexities, Arthur led the Pakistan team to a memorable victory in the 2017 Champions Trophy, where they defeated India in the final at The Oval.

Arthur’s comments underscore the urgent need for a comprehensive overhaul of the cricketing system in Pakistan. He advocates for stable leadership and a clear, long-term vision to address the systemic issues and restore Pakistan’s performance on the international stage.

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