Overseas Pakistanis to Receive Urgent Passports in 7 Days

Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi has ordered to expedite the issuance of passports to overseas Pakistanis, ensuring they receive them within seven days.

He gave the order during his visit to the Passport and NADRA centers in London yesterday. Mohsin Naqvi stated that regular passports will be issued within 30 days, and this policy will be implemented across all Pakistani missions abroad.

He noticed the delay in passport issuance to overseas Pakistanis. Regular passports took about four months, while urgent ones took around one and a half months.


The Minister warned against further delays and promised action if passports were not issued on time. He also set up a monitoring cell to ensure timely passport delivery.

ASP Shahrbano, Personal Staff Officer to the Interior Minister, will oversee this cell.

Overseas Pakistanis who do not receive their passports on time can lodge complaints at the email address: [email protected].

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