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Pakistan Doubles Sales Tax on Computers and Laptops in Budget 2025

The Government of Pakistan has proposed a significant adjustment in the budget for 2024-2025 by doubling the sales tax on computers and laptops from 5% to 10%.

This move is expected to generate an additional revenue of approximately Rs. 3 billion, indicating a strategic decision to boost state earnings amidst economic challenges.

The decision to raise the sales tax on computers and laptops comes as part of the government’s efforts to bolster revenue. However, this increase may lead to higher prices for computers and laptops, affecting household budgets and potentially slowing the adoption of new technologies.

Retailers and manufacturers could see a shift in consumer behavior, with possible delays in purchases or a preference for lower-cost alternatives. Nevertheless, the industry might witness a push for more value-added services to justify the increased costs.

The projected revenue from this tax hike is intended to support various public services and development projects. The government views this measure as a balanced approach to address fiscal needs while capitalizing on sectors with strong market demand.

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