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Samsung has launched its inaugural smart ring at a price higher than anticipated.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring, set for a full reveal on July 10th, has stirred speculation regarding its pricing.

Leaked information from Dealabs suggests that in France, the wearable could debut at €449, translating to approximately $485, £380, and $720 (AU).

This pricing has sparked comparisons with competitors such as the Oura Ring, which starts at $299. Samsung will likely need to showcase compelling features beyond what rivals offer to justify this higher cost. There are also murmurs about a potential subscription service, which raises concerns about the overall affordability of the Galaxy Ring.

According to the leak, the Galaxy Ring will be available in three colors—black, silver, and gold—and will come in nine sizes ranging from US standard 5 to 13 in France. Interestingly, there are suggestions that battery life could vary with ring size, with larger sizes possibly offering better performance.

In terms of availability, the Galaxy Ring might hit shelves in France as early as July 19th, shortly after its official unveiling alongside the new Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Fold 6 foldable phones on July 10th.

While details about the subscription service remain sparse, similar models exist for other wearables like Oura, Fitbit, and Apple products, offering enhanced health tracking features and analytics. It remains unclear whether the reported €449 price tag for the Galaxy Ring includes access to such a subscription service.

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