Saudia Launches ProtecTasbih, the World’s First Sanitizing Prayer Beads for Pilgrims Globally

The ProtecTasbih, developed in collaboration with creative agency partners, is a pioneering product that combines the spiritual practice of tasbih with the added benefit of hand sanitization. This reflects a harmonious blend of cultural reverence and modern health consciousness, redefining the traditional use of prayer beads.


Utilizing tea tree oil for its effective antibacterial properties, the prayer beads have been crafted through a specialized moulding technique that integrates the oil into a semi-solid compound, forming solid beads that sanitize the hands while in use.

Mr. Essam Akhonbay, VP Marketing at Saudi Airlines, emphasizes the airline’s dedication to passenger well-being, stating: “At Saudia, our commitment to the well-being of all our guests is paramount. We take pride in introducing a unique product that enhances the pilgrimage experience, allowing our guests to fully immerse themselves in their spiritual journey.”

ProtecTasbih will be available on board for all Saudia guests, ensuring a healthier and more sanitary pilgrimage journey. Additionally, the beads have been distributed across the holy city of Makkah, further supporting the health and safety of pilgrims.

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