Sky Nine Group Breaks All-Time Record in Inventory Reselling through Nine Keys at the Highest Price in the Open Market

Sky Nine Group, renowned as the largest hospitality developers in the country, takes a pioneering stance in the real estate landscape by challenging the constraints imposed by the buyback policy. This initiative aims to liberate clients from rigid terms and conditions, allowing them the freedom to realize the full potential of their investments.

The visionary minds behind Sky Nine Group—Syed Musheer Hussain, Syed Mustafa Hussain,  Syed Mohib Hussain, and Mr. Behram Khan—stand united in their belief that investors should not be confined by restrictive clauses when their investments flourish beyond predicted parameters. Their conviction is grounded in the principle that clients, when reaping higher profits in the open market, should not be restrained from trading their inventory solely to developers at predetermined rates.


Recent evaluations of Melrose Arch featuring Best Western within Sky Nine Group showcase exceptional investment success. Hotel suites from this project were resold, yielding a  remarkable 233% profit over a period of two years, reflecting substantial growth and potential in this venture.

As a pinnacle of excellence in real estate, Sky Nine Group’s Melrose Arch project in Paradise Commercial, Bahria Town Phase IV, Islamabad, exemplifies their steadfast commitment to opulence and innovation. Integrating cutting-edge luxury with enduring sophistication sets a new benchmark in refined living.

As the first completed project of Paradise Commercial, Melrose Arch features the esteemed Best Western hospitality brand and boasts 100% occupancy in its commercial space, featuring a mix of national and international brands. The rooftop proudly hosts the twin cities’ first Lal Qila restaurant, further elevating the project’s allure. The completion of Melrose Arch promises a lifestyle marked by state-of-the-art amenities, reshaping modern living in the twin cities

As the only construction company persisting through economic turmoil, Sky Nine Developers maintains an unprecedented commitment to project completion. Remarkably, Sky Nine Group proudly holds multiple international hospitality and commercial brands, signifying their unmatched industry influence. Therefore, this reflects their dedication to not only crafting architectural marvels like Melrose Arch but also championing investor freedom and prosperity.

In an industry often defined by rigid policies, Sky Nine Group’s forward-thinking approach signifies a pivotal shift toward a more dynamic and investor-friendly real estate environment, reshaping the future of the sector.

This real estate breakthrough not only highlights Sky Nine Group’s project success but also champions an investor-centric approach in the industry. By redefining conventional norms, Sky Nine Group empowers clients to seize lucrative market opportunities and exercise greater control over their investments.

In a landscape often dictated by rigid yet opaque policies, Sky Nine Group’s stance signifies a pivotal shift towards a more dynamic and investor-friendly real estate environment—a thoughtful step that promises to reshape the industry’s future.

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