Story of Hope: Thar Foundation’s Mission to Make Healthcare a Basic Right

Tharparkar, one of the most remote districts of Pakistan, lacks access to basic education and healthcare facility, adding further to the challenges that the residents face. Every minor illness or accident can have life-altering consequences due to the scarcity of healthcare facilities, leaving the community with little hope.

Yet, in the face of these adversities, the Thar Foundation, the CSR wing of Thar Block II entities, has emerged as a beacon of change in the region.  Thar Foundation (TF) adopts an inclusive business model which focuses on the lives of the community in the region of Thar. To deploy this agenda, the company has adopted the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) where, 13 priority areas out of 17 have been adopted for our direct intervention.


The overarching theme of these programs is to alleviate poverty, provide means of sustainable livelihoods, improve access to health care, education, clean water, and sanitation and improve gender equality overall. Aligned with the SDG Goal 3, their mission transcends the arid landscapes, aiming to ensure good health and well-being for the resilient people of Thar.

Acknowledging the dire need for transformation in the healthcare sector, the Thar Foundation tirelessly addresses disparities, providing free treatment and medicine to over 122,000 patients, distributing around 200 artificial limbs, and conducting extensive anti-polio and epidemic drives across two union councils. Despite the harsh conditions leading to high maternal and child mortality rates due to malnutrition and limited medical resources, the Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to improving healthcare accessibility, illuminating a path of hope for Tharparkar’s communities.

Within the broader healthcare challenges faced by Tharparkar, the story of Guddi, Hari Chand’s daughter, unfolds—a poignant example of the Foundation’s impact on an individual level.

The Foundation continues with their heartfelt campaign called the ‘Portraits of Thar 2.0’ which illuminates the extraordinary stories of four exceptional leaders –  one of them being Guddi. These individuals stand as beacons of leadership amidst millions in Thar, each crafting their indigenous tales of resilience and perseverance. Their journeys are not just personal triumphs; they symbolize the indomitable human spirit.

Now, during the monsoon season in Batra holds a special tradition for girls like Guddi, who gather to tie swings on sturdy trees. However, on one fateful day, Guddi’s innocent play turned into a moment of unforeseen calamity, as a sudden mishap sent her tumbling down, leaving her unconscious upon hitting the ground.

The local community swiftly rallied, transporting her to the nearby Marvi Clinic for urgent medical attention. At Marvi Clinic, dedicated medical staff promptly attended to Guddi’s injuries, stabilizing her condition. However, as the severity of her injuries became apparent, the need for specialized treatment at Islamkot Hospital became imperative.

Guddi’s father, Hari Chand, stood overwhelmed and distraught in terms of the financial strain of arranging such critical care seemed insurmountable for a family already grappling with limited resources. The Foundation took swift action, facilitating Guddi’s immediate transfer to a Karachi hospital equipped to provide the specialized medical care crucial for her recovery.

“With each passing day, Guddi’s resilient spirit began to shine through, as the provided treatment and medications acted as a healing balm, nurturing her recovery and gradually restoring her health. Soon, she was joyfully reunited with her family and friends, cherishing the simple pleasures of childhood once more.

Harichand, overwhelmed with gratitude, expressed, “I can’t thank the Thar Foundation enough. Their support not only healed my daughter but revitalized our hope during the darkest of times, giving her a renewed chance at life.”

Guddi’s story resonates deeply with the Foundation’s commitment to health equity, where financial barriers never dictate access to essential healthcare. Aligned with SDG 3, the Foundation continues to pave the way for a healthier, more equitable future for Tharparkar.

As Guddi blossoms on her path to recovery, her father’s heartfelt sentiments echo the sentiments of numerous families in Batra and beyond. They stand as a testament to the transformative impact of the Thar Foundation in the lives of their loved ones, bringing light to the darkest corners of despair.


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