Woman demands divorce over mother-in-law using makeup without permission

She says whenever she had to go to an event, she would not have any makeup left as her mother-in-law would have finished it

A woman in Agra, India is demanding a divorce from her husband over her mother-in-law’s use of her makeup without her consent, India Today reported.

The woman said that following a fight with her mother-in-law over using her makeup, her husband kicked her and her sister out of the house.

The woman and her sister, whose identities have been kept hidden, were from Malpura and had married two brothers eight months ago.

She told the family counselling centre of the Agra police that everything was okay until she discovered that her mother-in-law had been using her makeup.

She added that whenever she had to go to an event, she would not have any makeup left as her husband’s mother would have finished it.

Furthermore, she added that her mother-in-law would dress up and wear makeup inside the house.

The woman later approached the Malpura Police Station.

According to her, when she confronted her mother-in-law about the issue and told her not to use it, they got into a verbal fight, which she later narrated to her son, who started abusing her.

The situation later escalated, and the woman and her sister were thrown out of the house.

For two months, the sisters have been living at their maternal home.

According to counsellor Amit Gaur, the woman and her mother-in-law were called to the Parivar Paramarsh Kendra on Sunday for counselling and to solve the issue.

However, according to Gaur, the lady is determined to file for divorce since, in her opinion, the issue has grown beyond the usage of makeup and changed into a case of domestic abuse

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