8-year old girl fights thieves, saves her sister’s life

An eight-year-old girl saves her and her baby sister’s lives, proving heroes aren’t just brave in movies.

Charley Jorgenson and her two-year-old sister, Autumn, were waiting for their father to finish buffing their SUV after going through a car wash near South Milwaukee when a stranger jumped in the running car and peeled out of the lot, the New York Post reported.

The carjacker, a couple of miles away, asked for the car keys from Charlie, but upon not receiving any reply, started yelling at her to get out, but Charlie remained steadfast and refused to leave her sister alone.

That’s when the man ditched the car, and the clever eight-year-old immediately called her mother through her dad’s phone, who had left it in the car.

According to the father of two, he was only an “arms-length” away from the car, which he left running when the thieves pounced.

Two men inside a purple Buick Encore parked nearby asked Jorgenson for directions in an attempt to distract him while their accomplice slipped into the sport utility vehicle (SUV).

Both cars sped off, with Jorgenson shouting that there were kids inside.

“I was scared,” Charley said. “I was like, what’s happening?”

“He asked me, where are the keys?” she continued.

“I was like, that’s a good thing that my dad has the keys. So I told him, my dad had the keys. Then he told me to get out, and I was like, what should I do? Should I run and be a scaredy cat, or should I save my sister too? so I said, what about Autumn?”

Her decision to stay put and stay here may have just saved her and her sister’s lives, her father said.

“It makes me proud that we’re raising our daughter to be sufficient on her own, to think about not just herself but others as well,” Jorgenson said.

Three individuals, ages 21, 20, and 17, have subsequently been taken into custody by police in relation to the horrifying incident.

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