Beaconhouse National University and DigitalOcean Partner to Catalyze Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

This philanthropic endeavor, centered on inclusive entrepreneurship, aims to create equitable opportunities with a particular focus on fostering the growth of women entrepreneurs across the country.


Initiated through a comprehensive selection process, which included a nationwide call for funding proposals, the response was overwhelming with 11 proposals submitted. Following a rigorous evaluation, two Pakistani non-profit and social enterprises, Behbud & Weecommerce emerged as standout recipients of this signature initiative aimed at propelling inclusive entrepreneurship in affected regions.


Behbud aims to empower women across the nation by providing them with access to health, education, income generation and vocational training regardless of their social or racial backgrounds. Since its inception, the Weecommerce initiative has successfully launched over 40 websites for women-led businesses from the comfort of their homes, and will continue to help women entrepreneurs realize their full potential. Both partners are focused on opening up as many areas of learning as possible.

“Weecommerce is thrilled to aspire to broaden its impact on women entrepreneurs, elevating them in the field of technology with the support of Digital Ocean & BNU.” said Sabeen Khan, Program Lead, Weecommerce.

“The DO BNU grant approval is positioned to empower Behbud Association, fostering its transformation, efficiency, and long-term sustainability” said Bushra Prevaiz Kausar, Honorary Senior Vice President Behbud Association, Karachi. “The training initiative that we are taking with them will also empower women artisans, unlocking their entrepreneurial potential, turning aspirations into reality. This endeavor is set to create a transformative ripple effect, not only shaping the destinies of these women but also positively impacting their families and communities.”


In a demonstration of unwavering commitment, DigitalOcean and BNU will deploy significant investments over the next two years (2024-2025) to fuel the growth and success of entrepreneurs throughout Pakistan.

Selected candidates will benefit from a comprehensive support system, encompassing:

“We are a country where more than 50% of our population is female, but dare I say, we have not done justice to their cause and this is a very, very small part that BNU is proud to play.” said Dr. Moeed Yusuf, Vice Chancellor BNU.

“BNU places a strong emphasis on empowering marginalized sectors of society and fostering inclusivity as a core institutional value. In partnership with DigitalOcean, we aspire to enhance the existing entrepreneurial landscape in the nation, promoting equitable opportunities and catalyzing impactful societal transformation.” said Zaeem Yaqoob Khan, Executive Director (Student Affairs & External Relations), BNU.

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