Indian man’s bicycle dining table goes viral, people call him ‘genius’

A video, which has gone viral on the internet, features a man eating food at a unique dining table.

In the video, Instagram user Abdul Jalil arranges his food in the most unusual way, using a bicycle tyre as a revolving table, India Today reported.

The video posted on X shows Abdul Jalil sitting on a stool with a variety of foods, such as dal, fish, and curry, among others, neatly arranged on a bicycle tyre. He makes his mealtimes enjoyable by being able to reach whatever dish he desires with a single spin.

The video, which he posted on February 5, has garnered more than 400K views on Instagram, with more than 500K likes and thousands of comments.

Social media users have been swift enough to express their admiration for the man’s clever adaptation, while several others commented on the practicality and humour of the situation.

Many termed it “desi juggad”.

His comment section remains flooded with people calling him a genius.

One user wrote, “This talent shouldn’t go outside India.” Another said, “India is not for beginners.”.

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