Anzela Abbasi And Tashfeen Ansari Reveal Details About Their Marriage

Anzela Abbasi is the daughter of two big stars Javeria Abbasi and Shamoon Abbasi. She got married a year ago to Tashfeen Ansari who is a relationship counsellor by profession. The newlyweds came on Nida Yasir’s show and shared the story of their marriage and relationship.

Anzela revealed that she met Tashfeen as they had both gone to Hunza on a trip with a lot of friends. That is when they became friends but they lost regular contact and would only meet on and off. They met properly after two years and that is when they hit it off. Tashfeen knew that he wanted Anzela in his life and finally told her that he liked her. Anzela also liked him and things were smooth after it. Both their parents were excited for them and Javeria Abbasi loved Tashfeen for Anzela.

This is what she said:

They chose each other as life partners as they could emotionally understand each other. They could understand each other’s experiences and they knew they can spend their life together.

Here is what they shared:

They also talked about the trolling Anzela had to face for wearing a white bridal dress. She said that she knows red does not suit her and even family had pushed back that she should wear a red dress but she did what she wanted and enjoyed her wedding. She also talked about how people troll others on their weddings and how wrong that is to cause someone pain on their big day.

This is what Anzela said:

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