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Apple Lags Behind Samsung and Google in Phone Support

Apple is recognized for providing extended software support for its iPhones, yet the company has never formally announced a specific duration of support.

This contrasts sharply with the Android sector, where almost every manufacturer guarantees a certain period of software support. Notably, Google and Samsung lead the way by offering seven years of support for their flagship devices, meaning their latest premium phones will be supported even reaching 2030 and beyond.

Due to new regulations in the UK, Apple has now been forced to announce a minimum support period for its iPhone 15 series, particularly the iPhone 15 Pro Max, committing to five years of support. While this is two years less than its major competitors, it’s important to note that this duration only represents the minimum support Apple guarantees, meaning it can extend beyond five years, as it has done on several occasions in the past.

This marks the first instance where Apple has provided specific information on this topic, albeit not through an official global announcement like Android manufacturers typically do. Instead, this information was revealed indirectly. Nevertheless, this disclosure provides a benchmark for comparing Apple’s support with that of Android manufacturers.


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