DRAP Warns Against Fake Antibiotic in The Market

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has issued a warning about a counterfeit antibiotic medication, Furoxime suspension 100mg/5ml, currently being distributed in the market.

The Drug Testing Laboratory Rawalpindi has confirmed that the drug is counterfeit and of substandard quality. Furthermore, the packaging of the drug displays a fake address in Karachi.

The use of this counterfeit drug can lead to serious reactions and pose harm to patients. In response, the DRAP has ordered teams to seize all stocks of Furoxime suspension from the market.


The DRAP has further directed that the remaining stock of the counterfeit drug should be immediately quarantined. Moreover, supplier information should be provided to the Regulatory Field Force (including DRAP, Provincial, and State Drug Control Administrations) to facilitate the removal of these products from circulation.

As per DRAP, consumers are advised to stop using this product immediately. They should contact their physician or healthcare provider if they experience any issues after taking or using this drug.

Furthermore, any incidents should be reported to the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan/National Pharmacovigilance Centre.


All therapeutic goods should be procured from licensed pharmacies and other authorized retail outlets. It is important to verify the authenticity and condition of products before purchasing them.

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