Fly Jinnah Officially Launches International Flights

Fly Jinnah launched its international flights earlier today (Saturday), marking a significant milestone in its journey.

The airline’s first flight from Islamabad to Sharjah is the beginning of its expansion into the international market. Following the inclusion of two Airbus A320 aircraft in its fleet, Fly Jinnah aims to cater to the growing need for affordable and reliable air travel options.


After successfully operating on the domestic routes for more than a year, the airline has now launched its services on the international routes.

The initiative highlights the airline’s dedication to offering accessible travel options and strengthening economic relations between Pakistan and the UAE.

Initially, Fly Jinnah will operate two daily flights from Islamabad to Sharjah.

According to the airline’s spokesperson, along with providing affordable tickets to the passengers, the expansion will enhance trade and tourism between the two nations.

Sharjah has now become part of the accessible destinations served by Fly Jinnah, which is already operating modern A320 Airbus aircraft across Pakistan’s major cities.

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