Hostel Staff Caught Secretly Filming Girls in Toilets

The police have filed charges against the owners and staff of a private girls’ hostel in Johar Town for secretly recording videos of residents using hidden cameras installed in the washrooms. Concerns are that these videos might be sold on the dark web or shared on social media.

The issue came to light when one of the girls discovered a camera in a washroom and informed her uncle, who then traveled to Lahore to report the crime to the police.


Johar Town police investigated the incident and registered a case based on a complaint by the girl’s uncle, Nasir Mahmood. The case names the hostel owner Mian Saleem, his wife Fouzia Saleem, and employees Saghir Akbar, Taimoor Shahzad, Zubair, Irfan, and Ali Hassan. Nasir stated that about 40 young girls from various districts of Punjab stay at the hostel.

He reported that his 17-year-old niece discovered the camera and alerted other residents. An official noted that this immoral act has caused serious concerns among the residents and parents about the potential misuse of the recorded videos.

Some suspects named in the FIR have gone into hiding, while others have obtained pre-arrest bail. The hostel has been vacated, and a special police investigation team is working on the case.

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