Mian Aslam’s (JI Candidate for NA-46) Visionary Blueprint for ‘Islamabad the Beautiful’: Pioneering Sustainable Urban Development

Mian Aslam, the visionary candidate for NA-46 and former Member of the National Assembly from Islamabad, presents a transformative blueprint aimed at revitalizing the capital city into a paragon of sustainability, inclusivity, and innovation. This initiative, spearheaded under the auspices of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), champions the collaborative effort to elevate Islamabad’s status as a leading example of urban development that mirrors the aspirations of the Pakistani populace.

Enhanced Urban Planning

Central to Mian Aslam’s strategy is the refinement of the Islamabad Master Plan to integrate high-rise buildings while preserving the city’s scenic beauty. This approach envisions a city where work and leisure are balanced through the strategic placement of schools and offices, complemented by a network of footpaths and cycle tracks that encourage a healthier, more connected community. The goal is a balanced urban expansion that respects Islamabad’s natural heritage.


Community Empowerment

A significant pillar of the blueprint is the revitalization of local governance structures to foster community engagement in the developmental agenda. By advocating for the conduct of local body elections, the initiative seeks to empower residents to play an active role in shaping the future of their city, ensuring that development efforts are responsive to the needs at the sector and sub-sector levels.

Sustainable Water and Waste Management

Recognizing the imperative of water conservation and waste management, the blueprint outlines a comprehensive strategy to regulate water usage, promote rainwater harvesting, and implement recycling programs. These measures aim to address the city’s environmental challenges head-on, paving the way for a sustainable future.

Climate Change Mitigation

The blueprint underscores a commitment to environmental stewardship, with targeted policies designed to reduce the city’s carbon footprint. By enhancing public transportation, expanding green spaces, and incentivizing green energy adoption, the initiative seeks to combat climate change while preserving Islamabad’s lush landscape.

Public Transportation Enhancement

To alleviate traffic congestion and reduce pollution, the proposal includes a focus on developing efficient public transportation systems at the sector level. This approach aims to make commuting more affordable and environmentally friendly, significantly improving the quality of urban life.

Recycling Initiatives

A key feature of the blueprint is the introduction of innovative recycling and waste management policies to foster a culture of sustainability. These initiatives are designed to enhance municipal services and pave the way for a cleaner, greener Islamabad.

Accessible Healthcare

Addressing healthcare accessibility, the blueprint proposes the establishment of sector-level health centers to provide community-based care for minor ailments. This effort seeks to complement the existing healthcare infrastructure, ensuring that essential services are within reach of all residents.

Youth and Women Empowerment

The blueprint places a strong emphasis on empowering the youth and women of Islamabad through education, employment opportunities, and health and wellness programs. This strategic focus is aimed at unlocking the full potential of these vital demographic groups, contributing to the city’s overall development.

As Mian Aslam steps into the race for NA-46 Islamabad with a proven track record of dedicated service, his campaign is a testament to a deep-seated commitment to transforming Islamabad into a model of urban excellence. This blueprint represents not just a plan for development but a vision for a cohesive, vibrant, and sustainable future for the capital city.

Together, let’s shape a city that embodies the spirit of progress and harmony.

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