Punjab Bans Serving Food in Plastic Bags

Senior Provincial Minister Mariyum Aurangzeb has announced that preparations have been finalized to enforce a ban on the production, distribution, and sale of illegal plastic bags from June 5.

A campaign has been initiated to inform people of the harmful effects of using plastic, which can lead to deadly diseases. Plastic is associated with cancer and other serious health conditions, contributing to pollution and posing severe health risks.

The senior minister announced that a crackdown against factories producing illegal plastic products will commence from June 5. She added that several notices have been issued in this regard.


Hotels, restaurants, and eateries won’t be allowed to serve food in plastic bags anymore. Those who break the rule will face fines and legal action.

The senior provincial minister emphasized that the law prohibits polythene bags of less than 75 microns and single-use plastic utensils. Moreover, an awareness campaign titled “Plastic is death” will be launched.

Messages regarding the plastic ban will be posted in shopping malls, offices, bus stands, parks, and public places. The senior minister highlighted that the production, sale, and use of cotton bags or other alternatives will be promoted as part of the initiative.


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