UK to Test English of Migrant Graduates Every Year

The UK government is set to implement significant changes to the Graduate Visa Route, a program allowing international students to work in the UK for two years post-graduation. The Cabinet plans to introduce yearly English proficiency tests for all participants to ensure high standards and strong English language skills among those staying in the UK.

Impact on Un

Immigration Statistics and Concerns

Despite efforts to reduce net immigration, recent data shows high numbers, significantly above the levels seen during the 2019 election. HM Revenue and Customs data reveals that 41% of graduates on the visa scheme earn less than £15,000 annually, raising questions about the current system’s effectiveness.

iversities and Colleges

Universities and colleges with high dropout rates will face penalties, losing their ability to recruit international students. This policy aims to hold educational institutions accountable and ensure they provide quality education that foreign students are committed to completing.


Exploitative Practices

The Home Office is targeting recruitment agents who exploit the Graduate Route scheme by diverting foreign students into low-paying jobs. The new measures aim to protect students from such exploitative practices.

Postgraduate Courses

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is considering further restrictions, potentially banning British universities from offering “low quality” postgraduate courses to foreign students. This is to prevent these courses from being used as a means for easy access to UK work visas.

These reforms reflect the UK government’s commitment to refining its immigration policies and maintaining high educational standards. Universities, students, and recruitment agents will need to adapt to the new landscape, ensuring compliance and upholding the integrity of the UK’s educational and immigration systems.


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