Why Sahiba Does Not Call Rambo By His Name

Sahiba and Rambo are one of the most loved star couple in the indusry. They got married when they were film stars and on the top of their game. They are now parents to two sons and they are both successfully running their acting careers alongside other ventures. Sahiba and Rambo are also very open about their family life and even shared Sahiba’s first meeting with her father with the world.

Sahiba was a guest on Nida Yasir, Yasir Nawaz and Danish Nawaz’s show Nadaan Maizbaan and she shared a lot about her life, love and priorities. She revealed an unknown fact about her husband too. She shared that she never calls Rambo by his name or his real name Afzal. She always calls him Sunein or something similar.

Sahiba also shared that she has never seen a man as pious as Rambo. She said that whenever Rambo says to get some religious person to pray if someone is sick at home, Sahiba always asks him to say the prayers as she thinks Rambo is the most pious man she knows.

Here is what she revealed:

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