US son who beheaded father turns out to be QAnon conspiracy theorist, believes he is ‘second messiah’

Justin Mohn, US son shows off his father decapitated head in Youtube video shocking netziens

Justin Mohn, the son who is accused of beheading his father and showing off his head in a YouTube video was deeply involved in conspiracy theories, heavily indebted to school, and thought he was the “Second Messiah.”

Tuesday night at around 9:00pm in the evening, 32-year-old Mohn was taken into custody at Fort Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania on suspicion of killing his 68-year-old father, Mike.

The son held up the severed head after ranting for 14 minutes on YouTube about how the federal government is to blame for “woke mobs,” how immigrants have destroyed the country, and how vile “globalists and communists” are.

After being dismissed from a job in Colorado for kicking open an office door, Mohn returned home to live in his parents’ $390,000 home with his brother Zachary, 35, and sister Stephanie, 38, according to records.

After earning his business management degree from Penn State in 2014, he has had difficulty finding employment for the past ten years.

Instead, he has self-published eight books which claim to “only wish to bring positive change to the world”, including “The Second Messiah”, which he said is “loosely based on him”, according to Daily Mail.

Composed and produced several songs on Spotify concerning his debt, his challenges as a Caucasian man, and the reality that his father was envious of him and prevented him from achieving success.

His conspiracy ideas are reminiscent of the frustrations expressed by the far-right organisation QAnon Movement, which was founded in 2017.  

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