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Apple to Launch 7-8″ Foldable Phones in 2026 and 2027 to Succeed iPad Mini

According to recent speculation from Korean industry insiders, Apple may launch its inaugural foldable phone between 2026 and 2027.

This device is expected to feature an internal display measuring approximately 7-8 inches, potentially positioning it as a successor to the iPad mini in Apple’s lineup. Despite the buzz, the device’s exact specifications and features remain under development.


Apple is working on a 7-8'' foldable for 2026-2027

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Apple is reportedly experimenting with a next-gen iPad mini equipped with an OLED display, raising questions about its future if a foldable model is indeed on the horizon. In related news, Apple is rumored to be planning the integration of OLED displays into its iPad Pro series later this year, with a launch of an OLED-equipped iPad mini anticipated for the following year.

Reports suggest that Apple has received sample foldable screen panels from Samsung Display and LG Display, with sizes in the 6-inch and 7-inch ranges, respectively. However, indications are that Apple aims to adopt a larger screen size for its potential debut foldable device.

If Apple proceeds with its foldable device project, Samsung Display will probably be the initial choice for panel orders, owing to its extensive background in providing foldable panels for Samsung Electronics. Should Apple opt for a dual-supplier approach, LG Display is expected to commence mass production of foldable panels for Apple approximately a year following Samsung’s lead.

Looking further ahead, around 2028, Apple may introduce a 20.25-inch foldable device, which could be marketed under the iPad or Mac brand. This dimension pertains to the size of the internal, foldable screen.


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